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Taylor Swift Taylor Swift - 'Fan' album cover. Swift posted a GIF yesterday of an arrow striking a bulls-eye with the number '5' composed in the middle, hinting that her next single is the 5th track on 'Lover'. The "You Need to Calm Down" singer held the very first secret listening session for her brand-new album, Lover, in London on Friday.

A Taylor Swift album with a French title might seem unlikely, but the opening scene in the "Me!" video might be a big idea. On 1989, Swift's fifth album, the tune "Welcome to New York" features the lyric, "Kaleidoscope of loud heart beats under coats." So, Urie literally opening a heart that results in a whirling transition screen feels like those lyrics come to life. Next, Swift cues up a track that has fun with the idea of understanding." She has frequently wondered how she would be composed and discussed if she were a man, so I wrote a tune called 'The Male.'" It's a thought experiment of sorts: If I had made all the same choices, all the very same errors, all the same accomplishments, how would it check out?" Seconds later, Swift's earpods are pumping a synth-pop earworm into my head: I 'd be a fearless leader.

Though individuals will take the Perry-Swift burger-and-fries embrace in the You Need to Calm Down" video as a news release that the 2 have actually repaired fences, Swift says it's actually a talk about how the media pits female pop stars against one another. Swift previewed Track record in August 2017 with Look What You Made Me Do." The single featured a lyric video whose central image was an ouroboros-- a snake swallowing its own tail, an ancient symbol for continual renewal. I get a sense of the whiplash Swift experienced when I notice that, a few months into this ordeal, while she was writing the songs that would become her album Credibility-- and eradicating Mueller's claim-- a portion of the media and internet began requiring to understand why she hadn't un-canceled herself long enough to take a position in the presidential election.

At the Disco vocalist Brendon Urie states to Swift in the start of the ME!" video, triggering her to scream, Je suis calme!" She's not just going to be and shrug like, oh whatever, when it pertains to printing her lyrics before the songs have actually be launched. That's a good lyric - and excellent lyrics were missing from ME!" and You Required to Cool down", the first two songs off the album.

And as critic Chris Willman wrote for The Hollywood Reporter in 2010, "Speak Now" saw Swift's music design grow while still keeping elements of her youth that her fans so adored in her previous two albums. Although she claims the old Taylor is dead in the lyrics of "Look What You Made Me Do," we see touches of her "old self" in the softer chorus of otherwise intense "... Ready For It?" the album's opening track, and in the closing track, "New Year's Day," when we hear a stripped-down piano-heavy ballad in which Swift sings emotion-filled lyrics. Swift launched "Reputation" in 2017, three years after "1989," an obvious gap as she 'd previously been debuting albums every two years.

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